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17mm. Hex (Allen) Bit 74,77 Fork Caps
17mm. Hex (Allen) Bit 74,77 Fork Caps (35-1081) Qty in Stock: 10
17mm. Hex (Allen) bit Tool to remove fork tube top caps. Fits: Fork caps on TX650A (1974), XS650BC (..
Compression Tester
Compression Tester (35-9030) Qty in Stock: 5
Cylinder Compression Tester set with quick coupling & release valve.Includes adapters to fit 10,..
Puller - Alternator Rotor
Puller - Alternator Rotor (35-0040) Qty in Stock: 17
Alternator Rotor Puller - Safely pulls rotor without damaging it. Fits: All 650's. Size: M24 x..
Rocker Shaft Slide Hammer
Rocker Shaft Slide Hammer (35-0121) Qty in Stock: 11
Slide Hammer with correct bolt thread to remove Engine Rocker Arm Shafts from head cover. Works on ..
Rotor Puller for Yamaha XS650
Rotor Puller for Yamaha XS650 (35-0041) Qty in Stock: 16
Rotor Puller Tool For Aftermarket XS650 PMA Charging System Kits Size: M27x1.0 LHFits: All XS650 ..
Wire Spike - Jet and Master Cylinder Cleaner Set
Useful tool for cleaning carb and carb jet orifices, master cylinder return holes, welder tips- etc...
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